Doug Giles

Did you know that the anti-Christian cop killer has a huge crush on Obama, Biden, Piers Morgan, MSNBC, CNN, Hillary Clinton and the Assault Weapons Ban? Gotcha, didn’t I? Of course you didn’t know that because that would make the Left look bad, and Lame Stream Media is running interference for these folks. At the time of my typing there have been muy poquito media mentions of Dorner doting over liberal leadership and their policies. Question: Do you think Chris Matthews would have brought up these ditties if the killer had a thing for Mitt Romney? Or Rush Limbaugh? Or Hannity? Or the NRA?

Also, I’ve got a question for the anti-gun obsessed (yet heavily guarded) Piers Morgan in light of the deadly atmosphere his fan Chris has created in SoCal:

What do you, Captain Morgan, recommend southern Californians do to protect themselves and their families against a trained rogue cop with a high capacity assault weapon? Should they use pepper spray? What about a whistle? How about scissors like DHS recommended during school massacres?

Now check this out: It is within this atmosphere of asininity that Progressives want “We the People” to walk away from high capacity magazines. You’ve got to be kidding me. If there ever was a time when we needed 30-shot mags … well, it is here and now because we’ve got a stack of whiny wussies who are offended to the point of mass murder if they get fired from a job or if you don’t like their nude photos they send you via Facebook.

Look, as long as we live in America the Touchy, I’m a thinking, hey, gun dealer, I’ll take an AR-15 and a few dozen 30-round magazines, por favor. Y’know, like the thousands Eric Holder gave to the Mexican drug lords in Operation Fast & Furious?

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Doug Giles

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