Doug Giles

Matter of fact, if I owned and operated Doug Giles Elementary School I would mandate that all my teachers be weapons trained and carry a live pistol openly at all times. I bet that 100% of the parents who lost their children today wish that their child’s teacher had a gun in order to defend their now deceased child.

We can’t afford to rely on security systems or chunky security guards with golf carts, pepper spray, whistles and plastic badges to safeguard against these armed death dealers from hell.

The reality is that this stuff goes down when you least expect it, and as long as schools don’t have some armed teachers and faculty who have been properly trained and equipped to kill the post-pubescent perps, the more we will continue to carry innocent children out of their classrooms in black body bags. Call me weird, but in every school shooting there should be only one casualty—namely the gun-wielding culprit who commenced the chaos … and not your Crayon-carrying kids or their teachers.

Doug Giles

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