Doug Giles

Second on my list of favorite excuses regarding Obama’s clock getting cleaned came from Bob Woodward who surmised that Obama was abysmal that night because he received some heavy bad news prior to the debate that had him distracted and upset. This could be a legit reason. Maybe something in the Middle East had gone awry? Nah, that couldn’t be it because after the Benghazi massacre he was able to party with Jay-Z and Beyoncé and fly to Vegas with no problemo whatsoever.

If he was rattled by some disturbing intel before the debate, it was probably the realization that, as of that night, he’s actually been married to Michelle for 20 years. That revelation would fluster even the toughest of men.

Finally, as much as I was delighted in Romney running circles around Obama that night, the one thing that put me off the most was that I wanted Obama to debate using that black preacher voice he used in that infamous race-baiting/class warfare video from 2007, and yet … he didn’t do it.

And for that I am sad.

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Doug Giles

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