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3. Are there no more kids with half a conscience who will jump in and stop this type of crap? Decent boys and girls out there, you’ve got to help the adults. Most adults have been sufficiently cowed by courts that we’re afraid to defend our person, especially if a minor is involved. However, since you’re the same age as your out-of-whack future progressive voter peers, why don’t you … um … “control the situation,” and we’ll give you a high five when you get home. It’ll earn you street cred with those who matter.

For parents who’re still worth their salt and do not want to spawn such feral hogs, use this opportunity for a teachable moment. Pull your children aside on a lazy summer afternoon and teach them the following …

1. Everyone deserves respect until they demonstrate they don’t deserve it. I believe that all people are created in the image of God and should be treated with respect … at least until they show that they don’t deserve respect. That means you don’t slap, spit on or drop the F-bomb on elders, people in authority, or parents.

2. Titles are important. I raised my kids to call their elders “sir” or “ma’am.” A future productive person will always address a man with “Mr. (last name)” and a woman as “Mrs.” or “Miss (last name)” until they’ve been green lighted to use their first name or nickname.

3. Everyone else matters before you do. If these kids do not change, can you imagine what the USA will look like in 50 years with that kind of unbridled narcissism? Good luck.

4. Be helpful. Teach your kids to assist in making things greater by their presence—not suckier.

5. Be friendly. When I take my buddies hunting with me to Texas they’re blown away at how friendly people are. We’ll be driving down Farm to Market Road in the middle of nowhere, meet a truck coming the opposite direction, and our host will wave. Invariably, one of my friends then asks, “Who was that?” and our host replies, “I don’t know.” Then my jaded friends give me a confused look and ask me quietly why he waved. I whisper back, “People down here are friendly … watch out—it might rub off on you.”

Parents, forbid your child to act like a spoiled, rabid, egocentric animal. Make good manners and propriety a given for your kid. Instill the above southern qualities into your offspring, and when they grow up, they’ll thank you in spades—and they’ll be respected, revered leaders wherever they go.

And finally, here’s my advice to the school the weasels who bullied Mrs. Klein attend: I say we put them in special classes. Yes, classes where all the other students are kind yet are experts in Jiu jitsu—classes where the teachers are former Marine drill sergeants and bus monitors are charming blue-haired nanas who’ve graduated summa cum laude from Irma Brown’s Ass Whuppin’ Academy.

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Doug Giles

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