Doug Giles

Aside from the above hypothetical situation, I’m a thinkin’ what Spike did to this elderly couple constitutes a need for some form of sanctions; there should be criminal charges levied against him, and the McClains should sue him for a cool million for the mayhem he caused them. Twitter should then yank his account because he transgressed their code of conduct.

The thing that I find most interesting is the moral blindness Spike sports. Isn’t what Lee loosed vigilantism in its purest sense? Isn’t Lee’s tweet akin to what he and his ilk are accusing Zimmerman of? Oh, the irony.

We’re going to have to wait and find out whether or not what Zimmerman did was, as Spike and others believe, vigilantism and a racist’s lethal rush to judgment. However, we don’t have to wait to determine the motivation and criminality of Spike Lee’s tweet. I guarantee if the roles were reversed and Whitey Whitebread had done what Lee did this past week he’d be in jail, there’d be a civil suit against him, and we wouldn’t see him on Twitter tweeting any longer.

Doug Giles

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