Doug Giles

Here’s my takeaway from a man I didn’t seek to meet but am sure glad I did:

  1. As stated, Breitbart kept his word and stayed in the volatile fray with Hannah just like he promised. Few people keep their word nowadays.
  2. To Andrew, crap was crap no matter how one framed it. Andrew was an equal opportunity offender. Everything smells, so attitude sells.
  3. Breitbart was bold. Would to God more men who love God and country had his moxie. AB was a provocateur par excellence.
  4. He inspired young people who are sick of lies, hype and spin to take their talent and tools and use them against the tools of the machine.
  5. Andrew understood the importance of conservatives getting involved in Hollywood and not just in DC.
  6. Breitbart, by example, showed us all that if you aren’t drawing enemy fire then you’re not over the target.
  7. If you didn’t agree with Andrew on all the issues, he was okay with that and reveled in robust discussions over cold beer.

Lastly, I’m not going to pretend that I was super close to Andrew because I wasn’t. Once the ACORN dust settled we spoke just a few times over the phone, on my show and in DC. That said, I was close enough and our relationship was under enough duress that we had to trust each other and navigate serious rapids. I’m here to tell you that I found Breitbart to be a man of integrity who walked what he talked.

Finally, if I were one of Breitbart’s enemies I wouldn’t rest too comfortably on my laurels because he passed away. Why? Well, you see, he’s got hundreds of thousands of people whom he inspired by example to be bold in the cause of truth. From the noise I hear on Facebook and Twitter, this party is just getting started. Release the hounds …

Doug Giles

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