Doug Giles

Here’s another ditty for the progenitors of kids in public school: If I currently had children in public school, I would demand to read their textbooks, and I’d grill my bambinos every day to find out what kind of stuff they got sold before the final bell. I think you’d be shocked.

Oh, and teachers, if you don’t dig socialism and believe it’s a failed, enslaving economic nightmare, be sure to blow the whistle on any internal or external blowhards weaseling their way into our little ones’ noggins via the classroom. It’s just a suggestion.

Now, in the spirit of free enterprise, capitalism and American exceptionalism I say turnabout is fair play and that we should counter the communistic class warfare tunes turned out by the infiltrators of our children’s world by teaching our kids a song of opportunity and greatness instead of weakness and envy.

These Socialists Are Weird.

Why do you try to enslave me

In the public school?

Education has escaped me

Listening to you fools.

Oh, God, help me escape this class

And free me like a bird

I don’t wanna be an envious jackass

Like these occuturds.

Liberate me from these whiners

Who gripe and moan and bray

Put me around some winners

Who see opportuna-tay.

Freedom, freedom, freedom

Get out of here

Freedom, freedom, freedom

These socialists are weird.

Get your 3rd graders singing this song. If you videotape your group singing it and email it to me, I’ll post the best video in next week’s column.

P.S. Here’s another example of how the progressives are gunning for kids, through song, in the public school. Bizarre. 

Doug Giles

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