Doug Giles

Mi amigo Matthew Boyle of Daily Caller fame, his senior colleague Neil Munro and’s femme fatale Katie Pavlich have been on this scandal like stink on a monkey from day one just trying to figure out the WTFs of this foul caper in which hundreds of people have died and of which hundreds of thousands of people would like to know exactly who ordered this retarded scheme. And that, my friend, is verboten in this current misnamed Department of Justice—which is strange because BHO promised all the young ‘uns that he was going to sport the most transparent administration ever, ever, ever. Yes, mister and miss twentysomething, the admin that promised you the moon is now … mooning you.

Which leads me to my Jerry Springer summation for this week’s musings: This goes out to all the young dudes in light of Holder’s finger wag this week. Please, do not—I repeat—do not cease to pursue truth and speak truth to power. Our grand country needs good cats like you who will hold our elected officials accountable to all the laws we commoners are expected to keep. So, my heat-seeking missiles: Please stay your course. You’re greatly appreciated. Don’t let their threats grind you down.
Hope and change.

Doug Giles

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