Doug Giles

Now, let’s turn our attention to the media’s lack of reportage of the Occupy Oakland’s violent vandals. Remember how the MSM warned America to watch out for the Tea Party because they could become violent? Well, the Occupy Oakland wonks have become violently destructive, starting fires and smashing retail shops. And you know what garners more attention than this class warfare carnage from the MSM? Kim Kardashian’s sham wedding and divorce, that’s what. Remember how the media berated the Tea Party for using a “tone” at their rallies? A tone? These morons take axes to Whole Foods stores in Oakland, vandalize various buildings, and spit on cops, yet the media and our president paint them as disgruntled little puppies who can’t find a comfortable position to sleep in yet. Woof.

Fourth and final on our list, little kiddies, where the media has been deaf and blind is the little stunt some Occupy Madison  protesters pulled which caused the city to ban these bologna boppers. Yep, OM had their group banned because of public defecation and urination and being an utter hemorrhoid to Madison’s fair citizens. And some of their 99% were getting 100% off in public.

And that, peeps, concludes this week’s edition of Glaring Omissions by the Mainstream Media. Now where’s my kick bag?

Doug Giles

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