Doug Giles

Isn’t it ironic that the same media that’s indignant over Cain’s alleged sexual misconduct from fifteen years ago is Teller-like in their silence over the multitudinous rapes going down at the Occupy rallies like fifteen hours ago?

The Left raises cain about Cain’s sexual harassment, yet they don’t say shizzle about the Occupy Other People’s Panties protestors trying to forcibly knock someone else’s knickers. Case in point: I was at my gym working a kick bag for thirty plus minutes last Wednesday and they had CNN blaring. Thirty minutes on Cain. Zero on Occupy’s various sexual assaults. This made me angry, which was bad for the bag but good for me because it did help me with my roundhouse, side kick and my inside/out crescent. Yep, at nearly the half-century mark, I’ve still got it.

Also conspicuous in their silence on the Occupy rapes is the National Organization for Women. You’d figure this organization that’s supposed to be looking out for lasses would be screaming bloody hell over the abuse of women at the various protests—but nah. The reason being? Well, they agree with the occupiers’ agenda, so …  sorry ladies, you can be violated.

Check this out: What about the media silence regarding the black cop getting shoved over while riding his Harley as he patrolled the lunatics at the Occupy Denver Whine Fest? What’s that? You didn’t catch that one on the tube? Yep, a black (as in African American) police officer got pushed over by a white (as in honky, gringo, pasty skin, Caucasian) Occupy protestor. Can you imagine if a white tea partier pushed a black cop over at a Tea Party rally? Helter skelter. Helter skelter.

Doug Giles

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