Doug Giles

I remember back in 2001 when I was speaking at Imperial College in London, my smarmy host told me one day as we were tooling around Trafalgar Square that their police force does not carry guns.  Being acquainted with human nature and being a rube from Texas I said, “Your cops don’t carry guns? Are you kidding me?”

I went on to tell my genteel, self-congratulatory guide that such a plan sounds “nice and sweet, so very evolved and not like us gun-toting American clowns.” But I bet him that one day they would regret that decision when one or more of their Darwinian holdover mooches goes nuts and turns their sweet little city centre into a Rob Zombie flick.

And that day is now. Welcome to hell, England. 

Hey, UK: Would you like to see an end to this mayhem? You would? Then do the following: Allow your Bobbies and your law-abiding citizens to pack heat. Yep, guns in the hands of law enforcement and law-abiding peeps would quell this crap quicker than a chimichanga dipped in motor oil would zip through your sensitive pâté-addled digestive system.

Doug Giles

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