Doug Giles

2. Realize your sin will find you out: Everyone who sins in an egregious way and doesn’t die on the spot after the first fifty transgressions eventually begins to get cocky and assume that they’re going to get away with whatever they’re hiding. Ahahahaha! That’s funny.

3. When busted, own it: One thing of the many things that makes me loathe Anthony or cats like Ted Haggard is that when they get exposed for doing some stupid crap they lie, deny or blame others. I’ve found folks are generally forgiving if one falls. However, once the guilty party starts going Casey Anthony with lies and obfuscations, that’s when the collective mercy ends.

4. Know that rehab is PR and thus BS: Rehab? Puh-lease. Does anyone out there really believe that Weiner won’t be back to juggling his balls after six weeks of ink blot tests? “Daddy didn’t love me! Now where’s my camera …” And finally …

5. Understand that truly broken people aren’t camera whores.

The Anthony Weiner scandal has many lessons, ranging from not naming one’s kid Anthony Weiner to the five bullet points mentioned above. The final point that I’d like to volley into your court is this one: Experience is the best teacher—especially someone else’s experiences. So, forget that crap about learning from your mistakes, children; it is safer and more entertaining to learn from Anthony Weiner’s mistakes. Amen.

Doug Giles

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