Doug Giles

He’s insanely successful. There’s nothing wrong about being right. (like I am with my parenting book. I believe it’s the best book in the world on raising righteous and rowdy girls, and my nation- changing kids prove it. It’s a fact, Jack. No need to be bashful.) As far as Trump is concerned, his business accomplishments are legendary. Why shouldn’t he be proud? BHO’s main claim to fame, before Soros put the first affirmative action president into the White House, was ACORN.

2. He’s an adulterer. As a Christian and a conservative I’m supposed to shun Donald because he’s an adulterer, to which I say, according to the biblical maxim … well, aren’t we all? I believe Jesus said that if you look lustfully at a woman it’s the same as if you shagged her. One comedian put it succinctly by telling the sanctimonious who condemn those who’ve literally wandered from their marital vows by saying, “He that hath an empty hand, let him throw the first stone.”

3. Trump is not serious, and this is just a publicity stunt. Yeah? Well, it’s a value added punking as he is saying all the things to Obama and his ilk that Americans want someone with a big prime time megaphone to say.

I think the Trump Rebellion is dee-licious. It’s injecting attitude and information, not via some tepid politico but via a mogul who has had enough of Barack’s bunkum, who gets the socialistic game Hussein is hoisting on us, and who hates countries who hate and use us. Trump is probably the only one with the money (or who could get the sufficient cash) to go up against this Soros-funded reelection hell machine.

So, is The Donald the perfect candidate? Look, Spanky, no one is perfect.

Jesus was the only perfect person to schlep this rock. However, comb over be damned, I’d vote for Trump right now. My perfect candidate, however, would be an amalgam of several candidates, a combination of Donald Trump with Mitt Romney’s hair, Newt Gingrich’s grasp of American History, and Mike Huckabee’s heart. Bam! That’s gold. Pure gold.

Anyway, if DT does not take on BHO he sure as heck has shown the boys and girls looking on that you can take BHO on and not be McCain McNice about it, and giddy Americans will line up behind you because they are pig sick of how Obama is destroying our great land.

Doug Giles

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