Doug Giles

Yes, since their gallant male counterparts can’t be everywhere at all times to render aid, we’ve got make certain that our babies know how to leave a bad guy severely inoperative and, if need be, kill him all by their lonesome. That is my definition of “girl power.” This is my dream: all girls of every conceivable stripe having the attitude, skill, and force to pulverize a felonious punk.

I’d like to see the following:

• One million girls flooding into martial art classes

• One million girls getting handgun training

• One million girls purchasing their own piece and getting licensed to carry it

• One million girls getting a heavy dose of common sense to avoid dangerous scenarios as much as possible

This concludes my heavenly vision.

I know this not a pleasant topic to contemplate; however, this is the world we live in, and to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Think about how many girls would be alive and pursuing their desires today … if only they had known how to fight. And think of all the punks who would be in jail or worse … if only their victims had known how to immobilize the imbeciles.

Given the violent culture we inhabit here in the United States of Acrimony, I have purposefully raised my daughters with this maxim: When the crap hits the fan, be the fan.

Dad, one of the greatest things you can give your girl is the ability to shoot—to rock in a hard place—should the occasion ever arise. Be prepared.

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Doug Giles

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