Doug Giles

Still another topic that made me circle the airport was Obama’s insanely dispassionate speech regarding our victory in Iraq and our glorious troops coming home. Barack looked like I’d imagine Tiger did when he finally had to fess up and tell Elin about Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Kalika Moquin, Jamie Jungers, Mindy Lawton, Cori Rist, Holly Sampson, Joslyn James, Loredana Jolie, Julie Postle and Theresa Rogers. In other words, Obama didn’t look like he O-liked it too much. I know that if I had fought in the Iraq War or had a son or daughter who did, and who took a bullet (or worse yet, lost their life), I’d kinda be PO’ed about how BHO undervalued our massive accomplishments on the Tigris and Euphrates. I scrapped that topic, however, because Barack’s nonchalance concerning our military is old news.

Juggling those topics and others, my default page brought me back to Ground Zero’s grand zero, Imam Rauf, the guy who said he simply wants to build a nice little Muslim YMCA on the human ashes of 3,000 Americans who were killed by self-avowed adherents of Allah.

Seems like Mr. Nice Guy has been anything but good to the tenants of the low-rent apartments he and Daisy Con own. Yep, the sweet and cuddly Rauf and his charming wife charmed a cool two million dollars from taxpayers’ pockets to supposedly spruce up the digs he owns in Union City and Palisades Park; however, oddly enough, the money never made its way to the Extreme Apartment Makeover’s Muslim Edition. I know … weird, eh?

Yep, the mega-drachmas Feisal banked vanished into the ether leaving the unfortunate tenants of his abode to abide in bedbug and rat-infested squalor.

That said, I’m sure Rauf, Keith Olbermann, Michael Bloomberg and Lucifer have a great explanation as to why these funds didn’t find their mark, just like they have amazing excuses for Rauf’s non-existent current mosque, his developer’s sudden glut of cash and seedy background, Feisal’s affinity for Hamas, and his fuzzy feelings about Sharia law and Iran.

Y’know, the more I hear about this cat and the wake he’s left and how he’s been milking the system, the more I’m a thinkin’ that maybe, just maybe, he ain’t what he appears to be and just might (call me judgmental) be up to no good. Perhaps our nation’s jaundiced eye regarding this guy is entirely justified.

Doug Giles

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