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Army Veteran Josh Revak has made honoring his fallen comrades a mission of remembrance and restoration. This weekend he will be featured as a guest on the Huckabee show performing “Sandcastles” co-written with fallen comrade Aaron Jagger. He performs the song on the guitar that belonged to Jagger while he served.

Devastated at the loss of his roommate and the deaths of two close comrades during his first tour of duty in Iraq, Revak decided to mourn through music. He began writing in 2003 with a song called “Alaska,” which he performed at a memorial service for a fallen comrade, and he has been sharing solace through song ever since.

“I wrote all of this music as a way to honor my friends who have been killed, and it also helped me combat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well,” Revak says. “And even though I am not in active duty right now, it is more important than ever that I keep singing and sharing the stories of these fallen heroes.”

Revak’s music and album can be found at with 100% of sales being donated to one of my favorite organizations: the Shane Wood’s Purple Heart Hunts, which provides Alaskan brown and black bear hunts for purple heart recipients wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq. Shane was a beloved son, an awesome Christian, a big game hunter and an remarkable soldier who was killed in Ramadi by an IED on August 9th, 2006. His father, Wayne, an Alaskan outfitter, established this amazing service for our wounded soldiers in 2007 in honor of his son and in service of all our nation’s sacrificial sons.

Thank God for high quality dudes like Revak. I know when I see young men like him, rare as they are, I breathe a sigh of relief that maybe, just maybe, our nation will be okay.

Who knows, perhaps the reality show mooks will couple the poor, lost and selfish Jersey Shore schleps with a Revak someday and truly give our goofy twentysomethings a solid dose of reality …

You can check out Josh and his music this Sunday at 8 pm on Huckabee.

You can donate to the Shane Woods Purple Heart Hunts on

For hunters looking for a great Alaskan hunt, check out


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