Doug Giles

Yep, señor Hanks, we’re not killing Islamofascists because they are different. America embraces diversity. In the U.S. you can pretty much be and do whatever the hell you want. Heck, look at Barney Frank and Lady Gaga. No, Tom, the reason we want them crushed by our finest is because these Muslim morons attacked and killed 2,973 innocent people—and not because they don’t like bacon.

How in God’s name Hanks can make these amazing war movies and meet the great men and women who nobly fought and bled for our country and then come up with that kind of cockamamie caca eclipses my po’ little intellect. But then again I don’t live in Beverly Hills. Maybe Hanks is confused from that two-year crossing dress stint on Bosom Buddies. Who knows? Someone ought to check on Kip Wilson to see how he’s doing.

Finally, Tom, your derisive diatribe about our diehard military men and women is one weird way to promo a WWII special on the Pacific War. I know I’m officially not watching that stuff. You might as well have called all of our mothers hookers. No wonder millions of Americans who love this country are truly beginning to hate Hollywood.

Doug Giles

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