Doug Giles

I would love, just love, to see a no holds barred debate between Sarah and these two trolls on any pressing topic touching our nation at this present time. I’d go so far as to pay out of my personal piggy bank to sponsor a debate between Sarah and either of these two … uh, ladies … in my hometown of Miami, Florida, at the Mandarin Hotel. Palin would mop the floor with them, I guarantee.

Palin hasn’t evolved? Puh-lease. Man, envy is ugly, ain’t it? Here’s the thing that gets the goat of Behar, Ensler and every other man hating lesbian or feminist about Sarah: She is the exact opposite of what they are and what they support. She is extremely accomplished, is both hot and happy, loves God and limited government, and pretty much every American likes her and respects her for it except for the hagzilas at NOW.

Behar, Ensler and their ilk, on the other hand? Eh, not so much.

Here’s my prediction: As the nation continues to move away from Obama’s wet dream of euro-socializing the USofA and decisively drifts right of center, Palin’s stock (and that of other like-minded men and women) will continue to grow, which is very sad news for Joy. Yep, I predict that Behar’s ratings, much like Olbermann, Maddow, and Schultz’s, are going to drop lower than the tits on an obese dachshund’s belly.

Keep squawking, Joy. The more you flap about Palin not evolving and being ignorant, the quicker you’ll become a relic of past to the Cult of the Absurd.

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Doug Giles

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