Doug Giles

Another thing that I’d consider ruder than the vague verses hidden out of view on Trijicon’s sighting system if I were a suicide bomber would be the .223, .308 and .50 BMG bullets that actually come out of the gun barrel and devastate my vital organs. That stuff would get me really pissy. So, MRFF … when are we going to ban bullets for their bellicosity toward poor Muslim terrorists?

Yep, thanks to the PC pressure MRFF applied to our already bound and gagged military wizards, the brass inside the Beltway have come to conclude that if our troops use Trijicon’s optics marked with a reference to the gospel of Mark that al-Qaeda and the Taliban will get mad, go crazy and view our engagement as a holy war.

Uh … let me help you a little bit. These crazy SOBs can’t get any madder. I think at this stage of the game everything we do ticks them off. For example, in their minds: Bible code on a scope = they wanna kill us! Heidi Montag gets a boob job! Argh! We must die! Conan gets cancelled! No soup for us! Pat Boone wears white after Labor Day! Damn Americans! I kill you!

Additionally, the war that we are fighting with implacable Islam—the one which they started—has always been, in their view, a holy war; we’re the one’s who are still pretending it isn’t!

Here’s what I recommend: Being the anything-but-PC pundit that I am, I say we do the opposite of what the PC sheeple suggest we do. Here’s what I think we ought to try:

1. Trijicon renames their ACOG optics to GRTMS, the “Get Ready to Meet Satan” scope.

2. We put the image of Jesus in the scope with his finger pointing up to where the bullet will impact the target.

3. We rename the M4 to 72VP, which is short for “72 Virgins? Puh-lease!”

Finally, I’d like to thank all the patriots at Trijicon for the amazing optics they have provided for hunters, law enforcers and our outstanding military men and women, as well as their commitment, as a company, to Jesus Christ. I’ve got to confess, I have never owned a Trijicon scope and have been a Leupold fan for many years. However, in light of the hell the boys at Trijicon are going through because of their faith, my three new rifles that are currently scopeless will now all be topped with Trijicons. And I suggest, America, that you show them some love and do the same thing with all your rifles that need some glass.

Doug Giles

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