Doug Giles

What are the global warming grunts going to do now that the Apostles of the Holy Church of Climatology have been busted for cooking the “truth” (I believe the exact word they used was “tricking” us) so that we the sheeple would step-n-fetch to their Chicken Little crap?

What will chunky Al Gore do seeing that he has officially slammed into a veritable inconvenient truth? I hear that Gore hasn’t been this gauche since he was busted in 2001 by Warren Christopher while lip-synching to “Dancin’ With Myself” in the Lincoln Bedroom wearing only Tipper’s pantyhose, Madonna’s snow cone bra, and Janet Reno’s glasses.

This just in! NewsBusters reports that Al Gore has just cancelled his $1,200 per person December 16th Climate Change blah blah blah speech in Copenhagen. Come on, Al, don’t quit now. It’s just about to get good. And there will always be plenty of Euro-tools who’ll continue to buy your trumped-up, utterly specious green hash gobbledygook. Cowboy up, sister.

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You and I both know that Judas Priest Albert Gore, facts be damned, will never recant but will instead retreat in a recalcitrant manner deeper into Hollywood weirdness where the global warming Kool Aid runs like Tiger Woods did from his angry wife with a 3 iron. Trust me.

As John Stewart pointed out on the Daily Show this week, oh the irony that the Internet Al invented has debunked his global warming bunkum. Christmas came early this year for me! Yes it did. Pay attention, kiddies: You’re viewing history in the making. Yep, little children, the Climavangelists’ attempt to hoodwink our planet will make your history books. Correction: that would be the homeschoolers’ history books. But I digress.

Back to the modus operandi of the tree humpers. Here’s what the greenies will do now even though they know they’ve been had: They’ll try to kill the news, and if that doesn’t work they’ll attempt to kill the messenger as they plug their ears, stomp their feet, and keep believing their goofy gospel of green. They have no other recourse as they have worked too hard for this to be true.

In addition, for the power brokers of this hot earth heresy there is just way, way too much money to lose and control to be forfeited for them to concede that their leaders have been lying SOBs.

Doug Giles

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