Doug Giles

Somehow America and our values will get blamed for Hasan going postal. And you just know before it’s all said and done George W. Bush will have this pinned on him. Or maybe Malik had low blood sugar and was lactose intolerant or something …

Guns will be vilified instead of this Muslim terrorist who wielded them on our unarmed troops.

Our troops will have to go through vigorous sensitivity training and become adept at how to kiss some crazy killer’s butt who hates the USA because God forbid we offend them by honoring our flag and that for which it stands.

And lastly, if this oxygen thief lives, you just know that when his trial commences we’re all going to hear about how mean we are; we’ll see him pampered more in jail than our soldiers are at their bases or abroad; and then Hollywood will probably give him his own reality show.

Hey, armed services brass: If you’re taking suggestions about how to avoid another terrorist attack on our military bases, I suggest that you enact an ASK & TELL policy regarding who in our glorious troops holds to the same fetid BS that Nidal does. Yep, we need to know—and PDQ—who in our forces embraces the jacked-up Jihadist ideas that this Muslim moron does and then purge their traitorous backsides from our beloved ranks.

Finally, my family and I would like to offer our heartfelt prayers and condolences to the families of the slain and those who were wounded by this weed.

Doug Giles

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