Doug Giles

You’ve ignored this colossal story as you stand on the sidelines of the culture war, watching history being made by two gutsy believers as you ogle some spike-haired Dove award winner or some cheesy, horse-toothed minister who puts the “ky” in icky. You ladies and gents must have some kind of crazy job security.

No doubt some program directors and GMs are getting in a hissy right now and are saying, “Our shows only focus on Jesus!” Try to tell me with a straight face that the Christ of the Bible would be disinterested in two of His young followers devastating an organization that is on film aiding and abetting the sex trafficking of 13-year-olds. Go ahead. I’ll wait. (Insert the sound of crickets chirping here.)

Here’s a new motto I have for your networks: “Don’t Report. Don’t Complain.”

Look, boys, this Giles and O’Keefe caper is nothin’ but a nation-shaking event spawned by believers that has saved our nation millions of dollars, crippled a nefarious enterprise and encouraged a generation of young people to pull up their pants and get a life. As the Christian media, I would think you guys would be shouting that from a rooftop. So, why aren’t you?

As Breitbart called the MSM out, I’m calling you gents out: Why the lack of reporting and support? We understand MSNBC’s silence. We don’t understand the mute Christian media.

FOX gets the power of this story. Talk radio gets it. The Treasury Department gets it, as does the DOJ, the House and Senate, the IRS, the US Census Bureau, Stewart, Leno, South Park, bloggers on the left and right, DC think-tanks, major publishers, Hollywood and leading speakers’ bureaus—they all get it. It appears as if everyone gets the gravity and glory of this story except you and the secular left, who refuse to report on it. Interesting. Very interesting . . .

*Special thanks to the few Christian TV shows, talk radio hosts, websites and columnists that did tackle this hot topic.

Doug Giles

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