Doug Giles

I understand it when the idolatrous PETA people who worship jackrabbits over Jesus get their panties in a wad over hunting. I expect it, I like it and—truth be told—I’d really miss it if they did not pop a blood vein in their forehead when smacked with the facts.

However, lately I’ve been getting hate mail and weird looks from “Christians” who ardently believe that God, Jesus, Moses, John, Paul, George and Ringo (I know, they get them confused) are, supposedly, vehemently opposed to hunting animals (they’re right about McCartney). I have even had some sassy Christians say that fishing is evil because it hurts the fish. No kidding? I wouldn’t have thought that a hook in the mouth would hurt. They, therefore, conclude that since fish hooks hurt that Jesus would never fish nor be friendly toward those who do.


Hey, St. Dillweed, have you ever actually read the gospels or do you just smoke ganja and make this crap up as you go? FYI: The majority of Jesus’ chosen disciples were fishermen, and the fish they gathered didn’t die of old age. For God’s sake, Jesus himself was part and parcel of killing so many fish—I’m sorry, “catching” so many fish—that at one point Peter’s boat nearly sank under the weight of this Christ-spawned catch (Luke 5). And then there’s the loaves and FISHES miracle when Jesus threw a Puff Daddy sized party for 5,000 plus people (that’s a lot of sushi). But we won’t talk about that because you’re probably overwhelmed as it is.

Let’s go back to hunting.

In addition to these saints’ specious, irrational and unbiblical hatred of hunting and hunters, another phenomenon has manifested itself in which the atheistic and/or pantheistic couldn’t-be-weirder tree-ogling blowhards have started quoting Scripture to me and tossing God’s name around in this debate like a coked-up Courtney Love at a Kid Rock concert. How convenient.

Therefore, seeing that a sizable chunk of the Church is getting goofy and are buying into the Disney-fueled misinformation machine and that PETA pariahs are now parsing biblical passages for propagandistic purposes, I figure it is high time to check out the holy Bible and lay out exactly what it does say about hunting and hunters. Being the capitalist pig that I am, I will do it in a new book that I am pitching for 2009 titled: A Theology of Hunting: Why God Loves Hunting & Hunters. For now here’s a little hors d'oeuvre about the Holy One and hunting.

Doug Giles

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