Doug Giles

• She’s pro-life. And this is not just a political position but a very personal point for her: She put her down syndrome baby where her mouth is. Today it has become en vogue in our designer family milieu to off a special needs child if detected in the womb because that little bugger could ruin our family photos. Not Palin.

• She’s pro-gun. No double speak Barack blather coming out of Palin’s mouth about the 2nd amendment and the great sport of hunting. She’s a lifetime member of the NRA, a Ted Nugent Kill and Grill it girl. I get from her that if you don’t like her right to keep and bear arms or hunt, then you can kiss her moose.

• She’s pro-drilling. The only thing the libs will drill is your wallet.

• She’s pro-tax cuts. I like my money.

• She’s a true blue Washington outsider and not a polluted Chicago politician.

• She's an equal opportunity offender. She has gone toe to toe with idiots on both sides of the aisle. To Palin, crap is crap no matter how you frame it.

Lastly, I thought you feminists dug accomplished women. Why the hatred, ladies? Do you like only the girls who are nasty, man hating, anti-American, pro-abortion lesbians who loathe this nation and that for which it stands? It sure seems that way.

McCain . . . you’re a genius, brother.

Doug Giles

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