Doug Giles

It appears that young students today have now solidly tapped into ancient demons, and I pity the grossly underpaid teachers who have to field their crap in class on a daily basis. I speak to teachers across the nation via my column and, and the good ones are at wit’s-frickin’-end because the kids have figured out that they can do whatever the heck they want—and there’s really nothing a teacher can do about it.

I was watching a cable talk show featuring a panel of morons sitting around speculating about what had gone wrong in the Waycross, Georgia incident to spawn such children of the damned. I was sitting back thinking, this is easy math, Goober.

Are you ready? Here’s your answer: Pathetic parents + kids who’ve never had their butt whipped + psychobabble BS + a whopping entitlement mentality + Johnny can do no wrong attitude from the parental unit + too much self-esteem + blowing off God for secularism + violent movies, music, and video games + educators getting their hands tied behind their backs (both figuratively and now, nearly literally) = demonic third graders who’ll plan to duct tape a teacher and slit her throat if she happens to righteously rebuke them.

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Doug Giles

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