Doug Giles

Hillary tried to garner some Fifty Cent-like street credit last week by lying to us all that a sniper tried to bust a cap in her while she was chillin’ in Bosnia back in the day. Fo’ shizzle, Hillarizzle.

What the heck was Hillary thinking? Is this woman becoming so unwound that she resorts to making up easily disproved stories that are complete and utter horse dookie? LMAO folks . . . this is getting good!

Y’know, just when I thought this election was going to suck worse than an airplane toilet, God parts the heavens and Barack and Hillary start publicly hanging themselves with their low view of truth. Yep, the shine has come off glory boy, The “Audacity of Hype” Obama, and we all just got a fresh dose of reality regarding what being a Clinton is all about.

Back to Hillary . . .

It seems as if Hillary’s paranoid, narcissistic demons have become so powerful that they now override reality/common sense and Emily Rose her into saying things that are not just a little off but way out in left field. This chick is slippin’.

Is Hillary so far gone that she thought she could float the lie that as a sitting president’s wife, their daughter, a famous comedian and a stack of other VIPs drew sniper fire in a foreign country and somehow it didn’t make it on the evening news? I smell brains frying.

What were her devils telling her? Was it, “Look, Hillary, if you tell people you’ve been shot at, it’ll make you look like a tough female president. Like Jackie O meets Jackie Brown or something. Maybe you should get an afro and wear a leather pant suit, too. Pray about it. Anyway, if everyone believes that you know how to roll when the lead flies, it’ll take away votes from that prissy Barack Obama. I bet that little metrosexual has never been shot at. Yes, if you tell everybody that you were fired upon and if people everywhere will actually swallow, without question, this huge plate of bovine scat spin, then you will be closer to being the leader of the free world. Muw-ha-ha-ha. Muw-ha-ha-ha. Muw-ha-ha-ha.”

And Hillary, obviously, ran with it.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton the proposed scenario her unclean spirits sold her on didn’t play out like they promised. She floated her lie and was totally busted. So, what did she do? What all liars do: namely, cover their lie with another lie. Hillary said she misspoke and has just been really tired and blah, blah, blah.

Doug Giles

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