Doug Giles

Today, people can do something appalling, say something contemptible and delve down the funnel exalting the lowest parts of humanity—and what’s to be our response? We’re supposed to say, “Well, alrighty then . . . okey dokey . . . have a nice day.”

Why do we show mock civility toward things that mock civility? Well, because “anger is bad.” And we don’t want to be bad, do we? No, we want to be nice. We’re supposed to be a chilled-out group of pleasant and complicit prawns who do the Miss America wave no matter what kind of insanity gets shoved in our faces, up our tail pipes or down our throats.

Well, as a free bird, I’m not buying the capitulate-your-convictions PC crack that our culture is currently dealing. As previously stated, anger ain’t all that bad boys and girls, and being nice when you should blow a gasket can aid and abet that which needs to be slapped down. Can you dig it? I knew you could.

So what gets my dander up? What/whom do I think is a threat to the US and that for which it stands? Or stood? What do I get freaked over?

Well, there are several things me no likey:

1. I don’t like our nation being threatened by Islamo-facsists. I think they should die on their turf and on our terms. Yes, I’m not buying this “religion of peace” yumminess.

2. I don’t like what democrats have become.

3. I don’t like people screwing around with my right to keep and bear arms.

4. I don’t like traditional values being trashed.

5. I don’t like folks who don’t like America.

6. I don’t like the slutification of our culture.

7. I don’t like metrosexuality.

8. I don’t like how our universities have become liberal madrasas.

9. I don’t like 11 year old girls being given birth control without parental notification by public school fools.

10. I don’t like the fact that teenage girls can have an abortion via the public school system without their parents knowing didly squat.

11. I don’t like second graders being told to read and embrace homosexual literature and lifestyle.

12. I don’t like our borders being violated by illegals.

13. I don’t like Christians being trashed at every turn in the mainstream media.

14. I don’t like gun free zones.

15. I don’t like sanctuary cities that house illegal aliens.

16. I don’t like the diminishing resolve I see in our War on Terror.

17. I don’t like how culture is making the white male out to be the Antichrist.

This is just a smattering of things I think stink of which I feel no compunction to accept. Matter of fact, folks, I think we ought to get righteously outraged and challenge those with such anti-sanity sentiments everywhere they raise their garlic-knotted heads. If we don’t solidly beat the Left and their ideologies everywhere they surface, the things we love as traditional Americans are going to end up as relics in a museum in a country that resembles a Tommy Lee keg party.

After 9/11 I decided I wasn’t going to spend my ministry on the sidelines of life naval gazing and choir preaching in a narcissistic Christian la-la land; if I’m going to live and work, it’s going to be a life of clashing with culture coarsening zombies and their dense ideas.

Since that decision not to be a beholden and silent cow to ripe and foul secular folly, I’ve had the fun and good fortune to carry out my mission on both major TV and radio shows across the nation, through writing five books, as well as through this weekly column on the nation’s largest conservative online news portal, Yeehaw! Not bad for a redneck. God bless righteous outrage.

Lastly, in all honesty, as much as I enjoy being the provocateur, I’d really love to not stir things up, to be sweet like Joel Osteen or James Blunt and live a non-conflict life with my family sipping lemonade and fishing south Florida’s flats. However, sometimes the times demand that we put aside our smiley face and take off the gloves for the soul of our nation. I believe such a time has come.

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Doug Giles

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