Doug Giles

As stated, I seriously doubt anti-Christian MSM and their squawking heads will hold the queer nation’s fingers to flame for this. Why, you ask? They love it. Look, anything that will whiz on Christ, goof on God and barf on Christians is completely cool with them. Yes, my friend with Mellow Stream Media, as far as Christians go … there is no closed season and no bag limit for these buggers.

However, if anyone picks on, makes fun of, or tells the truth about a group the Left has decided to love, well you better buckle up, boy, because it’s going to get rough. I hope you have tough skin.

But this is nothing new. Everyone who loves traditional values and has a lick of common sense can see the biased, hypocritical, nonstop sputum that regularly flows from these loudmouths’ cake holes. That’s why their ratings are tanking and their newspaper sales are plummeting. Matter of fact, it’s been reported that 90% of those who purchase liberal newspapers now are parrot owners who use their rags only to catch Polly’s runny white sunflower-laden liquid stool.

Frankly, I don’t care if you Folsom guys have a good laugh at God’s expense. Personally I’d like to thank you for showing us all, once again, who you truly are. And in regard to me defending God, well, He’s big enough to take care of himself. He’ll sort things out, eternally, in the end. So…if you’re cool with mocking Christ, his sacrifice and his disciples, I’m cool with it too. Wasn’t that easy? Proceed on.

Oh, by the way—for my fellow beer drinking buddies who are equally fed up with egregious attacks on traditional values—you can hammer these guys and their sponsors right in their wallets by not buying Miller beer, one of the sponsors of the Folsom Street Fair. I say, given their attack on Jesus that we officially never purchase another Miller beer ever again until Christ returns to kick butt and take names. Does that sound cool?

Doug Giles

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