Doug Giles

Regnery Publishing is about to further bury the loons on the Left with its latest installment in the Politically Incorrect Guide series. Who’s in the crosshairs this time in this destined to be best-selling tome, you ask? Well, honey, it is the frothy and paranormal twinkies on the left who hate hunting and hunters and spread lies about us and the important role hunting plays within the world we live.

Author Frank Miniter, executive editor of American Hunter magazine, is the lucky duck who Regnery chose for the fun job of intellectually thrashing the lying liberals who whiz on our great sport and the vital role it plays in all of our lives.

Frank had to be chuckling with crazy glee as he banged away on his laptop, not just writing his personal opinions or wet-eyed, Disney-fueled feelings but rather the cold, hard, positive and objective empirical data about the truly excellent things that hunters bring—literally—to the table.

Here’s a tiny list, a mere smattering of blistering and irrefutable particulars you will find in the Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting that hunters provide for animals and people, stuff like:

• Hunters donate tons of meat to food pantries, pay the fees that expand wildlife conservation programs, keep national parks preserved, and protect motorists’ lives.

• Hunters are true nature lovers and conservationists and are the first to report poachers who disregard laws that protect wildlife and natural habitats.

• Hunter-funded conservation groups are primarily responsible for bringing back American wildlife that was nearly extinct in the last century.

• Hunting is safer than soccer, football, baseball, cheerleading and ping pong.

• California game managers must wait ‘til a cougar threatens a human before they can rock its world. How sweet. Because of this brain fart, today the number of people that naughty cougars have killed has doubled from what it was before cougar hunting was banned.

• Deer kill ten times the number of people as sharks, cougars, bears and alligators combined, as well as more than commercial airline, bus and train accidents combined.

• When the greenies protected the alligators on Sanibel Island, Florida, the alligators ate the tree huggers and their dogs!

• Bear attacks are at an historic high, and you’re more likely to be attacked by a bear where hunting isn’t allowed—like in a national park.

• Bears with no fear of humans often attack after hearing gunshots—a diner bell that a deer or elk is waiting for them—and thanks to the tree huggers, hunters can’t do anything about it.

• Aviation collisions with wildlife cost $500 million annually.

Doug Giles

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