Doug Giles

As far as I’m concerned, the Pit Bull is one of the most awesome animals on the planet. And before hype hit the fan, and the local news needed fresh chum for the gullible ones and the pimps and thugs became the owners of this noble animal, The United States of America thought so as well.

Yes, the U.S. believed that the Pit Bull was great enough to be our mascot in World War One. During WWI, Life magazine frequently had Pit Bulls on their covers and in their cartoons, using them as a symbol of America’s stalwart spirit.

In Jacqueline O’Neil’s book, the American Pit Bull Terrier, Jackie brings out the fact that a Pit Bull named Stubby was the war’s outstanding canine soldier. He earned the rank of Sergeant, was mentioned in official dispatches and earned two medals – one for warning of a gas attack and the other for holding a German spy at bay at Chemin des Dames until the American troops arrived.

In addition, the Pit Bull was also one of our nation’s beloved canine movie stars. Remember, the Our Gang and Little Rascals comedy series with Spanky, Alfalfa, Darla and Buck Wheat? Do you remember their dog, Pete? He was a Pit Bull (actually, they used ten different Pit Bulls for the show). Did Pete eat any of the cast of the show? No. Was he cool, tolerant, funny and well behaved as the Little Rascals used him to pull their wagons, do their tricks and run their errands? Yes.

Historically speaking, it was not the pimps and thugs or the foolishly over paid depraved athletes and empty entertainers that owned these dogs. Matters of fact, some of our most famous folks were fanciers of the Pit Bull, namely; Thomas Edison, Helen Keller, President Theodore Roosevelt, Jack Dempsey and Fred Astaire.

As you can tell my affection and esteem for this animal is sky high. My dogs were amazing. It sickens me to think that because of some goof’s desire to make some cash off a dog fight, or his desire to posture himself as some tough guy, or his wet dream of being just like the guy he saw on MTV that this brilliant breed walks away with a black eye. I say lets give the black eye to the bad guy who abuses a bulldog and leave the dog alone.

Doug Giles

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