Doug Giles

Mr. Brown also said he was ready to look at Conservative proposals for a national border police force and to consider a call from David Cameron for a ban on Muslim political party Hizb-ut-Tahrir. Giddy up, Brown. Good for you. Perhaps you can cease the British bulldog from its present morphing into a capitulating poodle to these problematic people.

You’ve got a tough row to hoe, Mr. Brown. My prayers are with you. With tens of thousands of Islamic radical whack jobs within your borders who are just jiffy with jihad and with Mohammed being the second most popular name for new “British” baby boys born in ‘07, it seems as if you have one mell of hess on your hands.

So, Prime Minister, tap into the spirit of Winston Churchill. Grow some ‘nads the size of Texas. Investigate each and every cleric, doctor, lawyer, business owner and rebel teen you might feel the slightest inkling doesn’t salute your Union Jack and that for which it stands. And for God’s sake, please have your reporters and your pundits stop saying “Asian” when you mean “Middle Eastern radical Muslims.”

Doug Giles

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