Doug Giles

If the Christian wants to be a practical player in the 21st century then he’s going to have to put some spiritual meat on his skinny bones. With a lot of pulpits occupied by puppets that are poisoned with political correctness and have bought into a therapeutic approach to ministry, there’s about as much “meat” in postmodern churches as there is animal protein at a PETA party. Since the substantial pickin’s have become quite slim within certain craven and capitulating sectors of Christendom, the believer who wants to live for something worth Christ’s death has got to seek sustenance elsewhere. That’s where the books come in.

The following book list is not a cure-all, nor is it exhaustive; and although I do not agree with everything within the individual books, if you take the time to read them and mediate upon their contents, it will:

1. Shoot hope in your soul,

2. Establish God’s call as THE priority in life,

3. Breathe faith into your flagging spirit,

4. Put balls on believers,

5. Hand you a workable blueprint for action,

6. Shore up sagging convictions,

7. Give you a new attitude,

8. Hand you answers for tough questions,

9. Build you into an adept spiritual warrior and

10. Make you more proficient in prayer.

For ‘07, why don’t you put down your little feel good tofu-type of books and get these bad mambajambas for the New Year?

Paradise Restored: A Biblical Theology of Dominion by David Chilton. This is an excellent read regarding the biblical hope that good will triumph over evil in time and not just eternity. That’s even with Pelosi in the House and Barack Obamanation on the rise. Chilton slays the inactive, marginalized Christian theology that wants to do nothing more than sit and wait for the rapture, while simultaneously fueling the victorious believer with the biblical premise that Christianity is the answer for the world’s woes and will be successful in its mission. If you’re tired of the typical end of the world, doom and gloom, pin the tail on the beast TBN prophecy novels, well then, this Bud is for you. From Eden to the cross and beyond, David Chilton unfolds an eschatology of victory. Good luck finding one, though, as it’s out of print. But believe me, it’s worth the search.

Doug Giles

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