Doug Giles

Living in Miami for the last ten years has been interesting. Being a transplant from Texas to South Florida, I’ve come to learn a lot from the multitudinous left-leaning lemmings in Miami. Things like the US sucks, Europe is yippee, traditional values are for the vapid and non-evolved, there is no right or wrong (just pleasure and pain) and that terrorists are angry because of . . . uh . . . something we must’ve done. Yeah, it seems nowadays, here on the Gold Coast where I live, as if I am constantly having to defend classic America, God, our founding principles and the war on terror on a 24/7 basis.

Having had it “up to here” with the secularized rancor I regularly experience, I had to have a little retreat. Where did I go to get away from the “progressive” paranormals that populate Florida’s floating sod? I went back to the motherland, Texas.

Yeah, when I needed to clear my head and get a dose of hope for my country, I headed northwest to the Lone Star State. Being the hunter that I am, I called my dad and we went deer hunting at my friend Phil’s ranch in the heart of the Texas hill country. Not only did we get to successfully hunt whitetail, axis deer, bobcat and black buck antelope on Phil’s beautiful place, but I also got to see and hear pro-US sentiments coming from my hunting compadres.

It was weird (in a good sense) to observe and listen to people who are still:

1. Proud of the US. The Texans I was fortunate to hang with are not blind to the few (compared to other whacked nations) faults we have in our land. Having said that, they still think we are an awesome country and not the Great Satan that the lunatic left and Islam deem us to be. Yes, the guys I hunted with have not surrendered to “the US sucks” cheer that the secular regressives keep trying to shove up everyone’s tail pipe.

2. Hard working. During my jaunt in Tejas, I didn’t see too many people loitering and trying to suck off the entitlement tit. As a matter of fact, I found a low tolerance for low output people. They believe that if you work your butt off, no matter what your stripe, life pays you back in spades.

Not only do they believe such a supposed “arcane notion,” but they are also examples of success that flowered from an initial rough start. I heard no entitlement mentality while visiting. And another thing . . . when we went into town for supplies, the store employees weren’t talking on their stupid cell phones to their lovers while they smacked gum and looked at you weird when you asked them for a little help. The employees were nice (imagine that), well dressed and ready to help the customer. Unbelievable! What a time warp I stepped into.

Doug Giles

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