Doug Giles

Here are ten things that I have (according to the secular progressives) used to “poison” my girls. All I’ve got to say regarding these principles being implemented is: so far, so good.

1. Teach Them How to Fight.
2. Teach Them How to Shoot Guns.
3. Teach Them How to Sense BS.
4. Teach Them How to Rebel.
5. Teach Them How to Be Classy (That’s mostly my wife’s job.)
6. Teach Them to Despise Anti-Intellectualism.
7. Teach Them to Be Visionaries.
8. Teach Them How to Party.
9. Teach Them the Value of Hard Work.
10. Teach Them the Importance of Traditional Convictions.

Having covered point one in last week’s column, I offer you now my second key to developing a kick-butt babe.

2. Teach Them How to Shoot Guns. With demoniacs now boldly going into Amish Schools and shooting innocent little girls, and with insane, should-be-dead-and-roasting-in-hell perverts and pedophiles prowling our parks and picking on our chicks, I’m a zealous advocate for women getting packed, stacked and ready to whack.

Fathers, I wouldn’t have your girl learn how to just barely use a weapon; I would be aiming for her to be able to emulate Angelina Jolie’s character in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Yeah, I would teach her to be proficient in all forms of death dealing with all types of guns.

My advice to you fathers when it comes to guns is: start them off early (10 years old) and slow. With a proper introduction, I’ve never met a girl who (once she got past an initial squeamishness) didn’t absolutely positively love shooting guns.

A mild .38 Special revolver, or a .380 automatic pistol plus a .22 rifle and a nice 20-gauge shotgun that fits her well (very important), is a good way to get the party started. A year of you and her regularly hammering targets down range should set her up to be a girl no one wants to get PO’ed.

Finally, make sure she gets a “concealed weapons” permit as soon as she can. Remember Dad, the toe tag belongs on the assailant, not your young lady. The final 8 nuggets next week. . . .

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Doug Giles

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