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I didn’t sluff off my role in their lives onto my wife, my church, government schools, day care, a nanny, other relatives, TV, Sesame Street, or “the village” to fill my boots. I, along with my lovely wife, got them here, and dammit, it’s our job—especially my job as Alpha male of the Giles castle—to set them up internally and externally for greatness.

Living in Miami I knew that I would have to pony up and be a major player in their lives if they were going to escape being part of the local teen fart cloud; I would have to instill principles in them in order to keep them from teenage wasteland. In other words, I’m going to have to be a dad in the traditional sense of the word. Isn’t that weird?

Having been pretty successful, heretofore, with the upbringing of my righteous and rowdy girls, here and now I will unveil my secret recipe for raising my zesty señoritas.

1. Teach Them How to Fight.

2. Teach Them How to Shoot Guns.

3. Teach Them How Sense BS.

4. Teach Them How to Rebel.

5. Teach Them How to Be Classy (That’s mostly my wife’s job.)

6. Teach Them to Despise Anti-Intellectualism.

7. Teach Them to Be Visionaries.

8. Teach Them How to Party.

9. Teach Them the Value of Hard Work.

10. Teach Them the Importance of Traditional Convictions.

Here’s numero uno on my to-do list for raising girls that pimps and thugs will hate:

  1. Teach Them How to Fight. With etiquette having flown out the window a solid 20 years ago and our neighborhoods now seeing perverts and pedophiles a plenty, young and old men are now extremely embolden to be groping, brutish and offensive horn dogs.

Since I would never ever want my darlings to be at the mercy of one these palm pilots, I have made certain that my girls know how to severely disable a bad guy and, if need be, kill him. Not even out of their teens, both my daughters are Gracie Jui Jitsu assistant instructors and have extensive training with knives and guns, both in using and removing them from idiots who might have to die in order to learn something. That’s what I call, “Girl Power.”

To be continued . . .

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Doug Giles

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