Doug Giles

I, for one, will not take a passive stance against an aggressive enemy. You cannot be lame and win this game with these guys. So, as a Christian, I suggest the following:

Embrace The Clash that is upon us. There is an Islamofascist and secular elephant in the room that we’ve gotta stop ignoring. This is a time for war so we’ve got to put on our game shoes. This is not the time for the Christian to be solipsistic.

I know . . . I know . . . it’s not pleasant, and I, too, would like to be focused on my personal prosperity and my hopes and dreams. However, sometimes the times dictate that we focus upon and fight for other things besides our own personal stuff—and such a time is upon us like stink on a monkey. Therefore, we’ve got to switch gears and make sure we are waging war in the heavenlies so that we can continue to see a semblance of peace on earth.

God has uniquely equipped the church with spiritual weapons and armor such that, with heaven’s battery, we could assist mankind greatly via our hearty engagement of this current Clash—if we’d quit ignoring the current crisis and become adept believers. I believe good triumphs over evil in whatever form the evil takes. I also believe that just as God has ordained that good will triumph over evil in time and not just in eternity, He has also ordained the means by which this battle will be won.

In the next few weeks I will be tossing my two cents into the ring in an attempt to define what the church should be doing when godless scum floats to the surface.

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Doug Giles

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