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So why do we all leap on the lust bandwagon like a dog jumps on a June bug? Dorothy Sayers said it is from the sheer exuberance of the animal spirit and the fact that people are cosmically bored and discontent. I think, in addition to Dorothy’s assessment, that lust, at the end of the day, simply feels good. And being the bored, visionless beasts that we are (without God), if it feels good, then we’ll do it.

The only problem with the obvious pleasure derived from lust is that it has an expiration date on it, and when this milk turns bad the ramifications can be devastating. When sex is devoid of love, and an intimate act turns into a mechanized splat, then the stage is set for folks to be used & abused and diseased & depressed—all because this really cool thing, namely sex, got ripped out of its proper context.

When we’re getting wooed by Madison Avenue to get irresponsibly wacky with our wedding tackle, they fail to mention that there is often lasting negative and/or traumatic emotional consequences, that herpes and Chlamydia don’t make one happy and clappy, that abortion can be an a** kicker, that teenage pregnancies are usually a ticket to poverty, and that a good guy and a good girl normally won’t look to marry the over-used sexual village bicycle that you now have foolishly become.

So, what does one do with the fire that burns south of the border? Well, you can do what I do on a daily basis. Cry out to God for help! Secondly, you can choose to not buy into the BS that gets shoved down your throat every day from hamburger ads and VH1 that sells you the “if you’ve got sex, you’ve got everything, Baby” schlock. Thirdly, get a life so that you don’t have time to masturbate for four hours a day. And fourthly, renew your mind with the scripture that shows the context in which God created this awesome gift of sex to be expressed: i.e., within the milieu of marriage between a man and woman who love each other. It is within this safe haven of love that sex is good, I’m talkin’ really good. At least that’s what the scripture says. But then again, what does God know?

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Doug Giles

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