Doug Giles

So, what’s the answer? Communism? Uh, no. That hasn’t worked and won’t work. The biblical answer is work your butt off, make your cash, enjoy your life, be content to not be Bill Gates or The Donald, and be generous with what you have. Yeah, being content and generous tosses you into the “blessed are the merciful” maxim.

The great biblical men and women were able to not only be rich in stuff but also rich in good works. Believe it or not, it is possible to be wealthy without being a living heart donor. It is possible, with God, to accumulate cash without deception, duplicity, sadism or lusting after money like Clinton does a chunky female intern with a pretty mouth. It is only, only, when money and mercy meet that people and nations are able to stay focused with their finances.

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Doug Giles

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