Doug Giles

Conservative voters in Florida, where my family and I reside, have a muy importante senatorial race coming up this November. Democrat Senator Bill Nelson, who politically makes Hillary look like Jerry Falwell, is up for re-election. This 43 year old conservative no likey Nelson’s voting record and would love to see him de-throned.

Taking Nelson’s seat should be a snap for the Republicans in the Sunshine State. The only problem is the leading Republican candidate queued up to tackle Bill doesn’t have the moxie to remove him come November.

Representative Katherine Harris is currently leading the pack of four Republicans seeking their party’s nomination, and Democrats are hoping Kate creams her conservative competition.

Yeah, throughout the state the Dems – and according to Fox News, Nelson himself -- hope this dame dogs her Republican rivals. My buddy Squiggy who runs a gator farm in Tallahassee said he saw a notable Democrat the other day on his front lawn with his shirt off and a cold beer in his hand yelling at passing cars, “Vote for Harris.”

So, why can’t Harris hammer Nelson in November? Here are a few notable strikes against Katy.

• Harris, our former Secretary of State, who hewed to the law in the seemingly endless 2000 presidential re-count slog that gave Bush the presidency, was endlessly skewered in the court of public opinion and she has never recovered. Bush’s narrow victory gave him Florida’s electoral votes and the Presidency … and gave Katherine Harris 100% notoriety across the US and 110% enmity of Florida Democrats. Matter of fact, when I want one of my Democrat buddies to spit up their drink, I simply drop Harris’ name. It works every time.

• Another major hurdle for Harris is that Florida has a good many more registered Democrats than Republicans. This means Ms. Harris has little chance of recovering from her current poll standing versus Sen. Nelson: she’s sinking by 59 to 26 percent [Quinnipiac Poll, June 26, 2006].

• For those of us who pay taxes and have to balance our family budget, during her four years in Congress, it seems Rep. Harris has hardly ever met a spending bill for which she couldn’t and wouldn’t vote. This has resolutely turned fiscally conservative Republicans off. In fact, Ms. Harris’ electoral prospects are so low Florida Governor Jeb Bush has twice publicly suggested she stand down.

Doug Giles

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