Doug Giles

1. The virtue of poverty of spirit (humility and selflessness) more than He does the vice of pride, self-absorption and self assertion.

2. The virtue of mourning (y’know . . . sharing the unhappiness of others) over the vice of envy, which is the resentment of the happiness of others.

3. The virtue of meekness (the refusal to do harm to others) and the desire for peacemaking over and against the vice of anger, which is the willingness to do harm and to destroy others. (Does it feel warm in here? Does anyone else feel toasty? Because I’m getting hot.)

4. The virtue of hungering and thirsting for righteousness (having a passionate pursuit for God, the good and the ideal) in contrast to sloth, which is lethargy toward God, the good and the ideal.

5. The virtue of mercy (the desire to reach and to share with others, even the undeserving) as opposed to the vice of avarice, which is the greedy grasp and the selfish hanging onto of this world’s goods.

6. The virtue of being persecuted for righteousness (having a dedication to that can surmount even the deprivation of even basic necessities) and being distinguished from gluttony, which is the drive to consume an inordinate amount of the world’s goods.

7. The virtue of purity of heart (the true desire for God that centers and unifies the soul) versus lust, which manifests itself as an inordinate and dissipating desire to use other people and their bodies (from a distance or up-close and personal) to gratify ourselves.

In the next few weeks I’m going to do a humble and ham-fisted exposition on the Se7en virutes we need to embrace and the Se7en deadly vices we need to avoid if we really want to speak and work “for God” in a cruddy culture.

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Doug Giles

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