Doug Giles

4. Indirectly supports al-Qaeda’s blood campaign in Iraq.

5. Controls the Hezbollah political-military movement in Lebanon.

6. Has turned Syria into a client state.

7. Dominates the Palestinian Authority after the resounding victory of Hamas in the Jan ‘06 elections in the Gaza Strip and Palestinian areas of the West Bank.

8. Supports the Badr Brigade and Mahdi Army in Iraq.

9. Has a long record of meddling in the domestic politics of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

10. Has threatened Israel with annihilation.

11. Is an avowed enemy of the USA.

12. Is a bedfellow with the two most anti-American regimes in Latin America: Cuba and Venezuela.

13. Has apocalyptic visions that make the Branch Davidians look sane.

14. Has nuclear ambitions that are not for the purpose of finding an energy alternative to help them cook falafels, but rather for the roasting of Christians, Jews and all other “infidels.”

These are just a few of the speed bumps that are sort of hard for me to get over just because Ahmadinejad has now written a letter to President Bush.

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Doug Giles

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