Doug Giles
Liberals love being painted as the defender of the underdog. Yeah, if you feel like you are being abused, oppressed, preyed upon, neglected, entitled to something or endangered in any way . . . do not fear! The Dems are here! Their protection extends not only to the human small fry, but also to the translucent hair lice, the gargling nut warbler, a warming globe, a rare venereal crab, a whooping crane’s egg, Rudolph’s roughage and the need for a rain forest in Iowa.

In addition, many of those in the loopy left will raise unholy hell if hunters hunt animals. Hey, lunatic fringe liberal who prattles on about pity and provision for the poor: in 2005 alone, me and two of my heartless, conservative hunting buddies supplied over seven tons of meat (SEVEN . . . 7 . . . that’s 14,000 plus pounds) of low fat/high protein, free range, fresh flesh to the poor—both in Africa and the US. How does that stack up against your personal compassionate outreach last year? Or the last decade? Or the last century? Huh? But that’s another topic that I’ll save for another column . . . rest assured.

Yeah, the liberals will ramp up to Mach2, set their hair on fire and will fight, yell, picket, protest and blog their fingers 'til they’re bloody for animal rights and for your rights—that is, unless of course, you’re an unborn child.

It is with the unborn baby that the “protectors of the weak” morph into the party that wreaks havoc upon the truly helpless. It’s interesting to see misty-eyed liberals go quasi-talibanic for the little animal while they have absolutely no qualms whatsoever endorsing the snuffing out of the life of an unborn tiny human.

One of the reasons the barbaric left uses to convince themselves that they’re right on the issue of killing that inconvenient “little bugger” (as one of their own calls it) is that it is not yet a person. It’s “a wee little squirming blob” that’s expendable, which you can root out if you’d like.

One of the things that is really wrecking the “protectors of the weak” BS campaign of killing unborn kids is 3D and 4D ultrasound imagery (Oops. Didn’t see that coming, now did you?). These pics and videos are screwing up things for the pro-choicers. Back in the day when they were selling us on the “fetal blob stuff,” all we had at our disposal to contradict their nonsense was common sense and a very grainy 2D sonogram. With the advent of ultra slick 3D/4D images, a lot of people are being surprised to see that:

Doug Giles

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