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*I tried crying in front of my wife one time. It moved her for about twenty seconds. Then she told me to cut the crap and get my act together because she was not going to be married to a poodle. Yes, there are millions of girls who celebrate the difference!

4. (Believe it or not) Like men to the bread winners, who are intellectually robust and who can kick some punk’s butt if it needs kickin’. *The other day, me and a buddy of mine nearly opened up a big can a whup a** on a couple of guys who were making obscene gestures towards my wife and daughters. All my girls loved it, and my wife thanked me later.

5. Look to their husband’s to provide rather than looking to the feminists’sugar daddy, Uncle Sam.

6. Would like to see a return to chivalry and romance. Who like being courted, pursued, cherished and honored. Who like the guy to pick up the tab (every tab), open the door for them and are not suspicious of flowers and thoughtful gifts.

7. Don’t want their vagina turned into a sexual turnstile. Who don’t want to be the village bicycle. Who see the benefits of serious sex verses casual sex. Who’re not buying the Paris Hilton/Courtney Love/Madonna whore thing. Who can be sexy without being a skank. Who like to retain their respect and power and require a man to show some commitment before he gets to run the bases.

8. Want to get married to a man versus a career. Who still believe that being married to the right guy is good for the soul, the body, the pocket book and their sex life no matter what pop culture and the FCP’s have tried to shame them in to believing.

9. Want to have a baby before half of their life is history. Who don’t want to be in diapers when their child is. *BTW girls, the longer you wait the more difficult it’s going to be to get pregnant. If you’re waiting strategically ‘til your mid 30’s–40’s well, uh . . . good luck.

10. When they have the baby, they actually want to raise it themselves instead of tossing it into day care or giving it to some nanny who shakes it like a maraca while you’re at work. *Speaking of babies being pro-life is not being anti-woman.

11. Don’t feel like they must vote for a woman just because she’s a woman.

12. Don’t believe being a woman makes them a victim.

I could go on and on singing the praises of this tour de force. This book is destined to do damage to 21st century feminism . . . major, irreparable damage to the likes of NOW, FCP professors and their parrots whose rhetoric and recipes have wrecked the lives of so many, many women around the world.

Do yourself a favor, women who would be women: buy it, read it, get freed by it and then let your voice be heard, girl friend.

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Doug Giles

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