Doug Giles
Carrie Lukas’ new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism, just dropped, and I predict that it will get all the feministas’ big panties in a major wad. Carrie has done her homework in this easy to read, all bases covered, truly pro-women, hot and pithy tome; and you need to fear, lunatic liberal ladies, because she has facts that are going to challenge your fiction.

I’m sure right now all the anonymous book review attack weirdoes, who do not have a life and won’t actually read the book but feel compelled to write their inane and uninformed critiques, are queuing up to lay into Carrie. They’re sweating. And they need to sweat, because in this soon to be New York Times best seller, Mrs. Lukas shreds the lies which the female chauvinist pigs (FCP) have sold our nation’s fair ladies—I’m talkin’ wood chipper style. She shows the women who would be women the true identity of postmodern day feminists: misogynists with vaginas . . . womyn who not only hate men, but women also.

BTW . . . have you ever seen a feminist around a womanly woman and not one of her butch buddies who's sporting a Tim Allen haircut? (Question: If feminists and lesbians hate men like they do, why do they try to look like us?) They always have that tsk-tsk, you poor oppressed dupe look on their face . . . y’know, that furrowed brow stare that’s a combination of pity and derision. Anyway, back to Lukas’ book.

Another cool thing about The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism is that it was a young, accomplished woman, who also happens to be a happy wife and mother, who penned this work of non-fiction. These are not the crayon scribblings of some repressed, backwoods, barefoot, unenlightened Ellie Mae Clampett, but rather a girl who got her bachelor’s at Princeton, her Masters at Harvard and did it without drinking the lesbians’—I mean the feminists’—Kool Aid.

This book is going to liberate ladies to be ladies; and contrary to the propaganda belched forth via our universities and MSM, there are a whole lot of lassies who:

1. Like being a woman, in a traditional sense. *I’ll take a Katharine McPhee over a Hillary any day.

2. Don’t think men are the enemy.

3. Like a guy to be a guy, i.e., masculine and not metrosexual. Men who don’t have a feminine side. A guy who hasn’t “learned to cry”.

Doug Giles

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