Doug Giles

In Mark’s "reality show", the hunters do not test their mettle by eating spiders or swimming with nurse sharks, but rather by confronting cape buffalo and rogue bull hippo—out of the water, on dry ground, at full charge and with antiquated British double rifles.  These are not old, hand raised, carnival critters shot in a pen from a safe distance, but very wild, legally hunted and venerated beasts . . . any one of which could have killed Mark on the spot.  One hippo charge in particular should have turned Mark into a grease stain on East Africa’s plains.  In Mark’s movie Death Rush, there is no room for mistakes or second takes. 

I know not everyone is into hunting; however, for those that are—and for those who like to see people being challenged, who like to see how people perform under pressure, who like to see people sweat through their clothing as they stare certain death in the eye—this is your film!  

Hands down, Death Rush is Sullivan’s finest hunting movie ever made featuring the absolute best life and death, kill or be killed footage of his career.  Granted, it doesn’t have any gay cowboys or a woman portraying a man who wants to be a woman or any overly tweaked metrosexual models, but it is still good.  And if you’re a hunter, and you like that which is primal, wild and free, go to, melt your plastic, and then brace yourself for an-edge-of-your-seat adrenaline rush like you have never seen before.

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Doug Giles

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