Doug Giles

I see The New York Times as the Marilyn Manson of the print world minus the goth make-up—and the Bose voice processor, of course.  You remember Manson, don’t ‘cha?  Remember how scary he was with his black hair, white contacts, leather unitard, fake breasts, metal teeth, tearing up Bibles on stage and hanging out with LeVay?  He was hell on two skinny white legs scaring grannies to death.  Where is he now?  I’ll tell you where he is:  He’s on the has been list of pop stars right next to Vanilla Ice and The Spice Girls.  He overplayed his satanic hand.  People got sick of his anti-God and morality bullshtick, his CD’s sales plummeted, and now he’s at home doing scary watercolors.  Manson mocked God, and God mocked him—with irrelevancy. 

Therefore, I say let The Times and their emulating ilk ridicule Judeo-Christian ethics.  Let them celebrate the denigration of Christian symbolism.  The more they do it, the more they marginalize themselves. 

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Doug Giles

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