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Look, you don’t hear the above de rigueur get tabled that much anymore in pomo culture as that which makes a person or a nation great. Sure, there is a gratuitous bone thrown at the noble, but it’s usually done on the History Channel at 3am when the ones who need to see it the most are sound asleep in a deep REM delirium starring themselves as the center of the universe. So thank you, Mr. Trump, for having a show that truly trumps the trash we we’re used to seeing: we saw a principled and talented human being recognized and awarded for character instead of mere charisma, substance over style, doing a better job versus getting a boob job and showing gravitas as opposed to baseless hype.

As an entrepreneur, I know where I’m going to be looking for employees and partners for all my Clash ventures . . . namely, to the ex- military and those raised in that kind of disciplined environment. These worthies whom I have had the pleasure to work with and befriend, like Perdew, are not the Jarhead idiots Hollywood and Michael Moore have portrayed them to be, but rather the best, the brightest and the most beneficial people that I’ve have had the pleasure to know.

And lastly, a challenge to our former soldiers: grab a copy of Kelly’s book, retool your vocabulary and take that rare stuff you got in the armed services into the corporate world, politics, our educational systems, the church and the arts; and I guarantee that you will blow away the slacking, gum chewing, blame shifting, no character, pop-culture-addled dilatory dingle-berries who disparage you.

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Doug Giles

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