Doug Giles
One of the perks of being the talk show host of is getting to speak with some of the best and brightest people on the planet. Our guest list is a veritable Who’s Who of incredible people who would like to see this nation continue to be the God-blessed, King-of-the-Hill country that we have become.

This past week I interviewed Kelly Perdew, winner of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice 2 and author of the new book, Take Command. By the way, normally when people suggest we get some reality stooge to be on our show, I look at them with the same disdain Rosie O’ Donnell gives to Ted Nugent when he offers her low fat yogurt. I don’t give two flips about reality shows, nor the people who win them. Most of these "winners" get what they get through eating pig intestines or drinking skunk urine while doing jumping jacks on an iceberg whilst wearing a thong. No real need to query them on what caused them to excel. Simple formula: be so desperate that you’ll do anything to be on TV and win 50k. This simple math makes for a short show. Next!

Perdew’s accomplishment, on the other hand, was a tad bit more interesting—especially given the over the top, narcissistic slop we’re usually fed via the modern media. When Trump gave Kelly the “you’re hired” props on Apprentice’s season two, Perdew credited his accomplishment not to being a sadistic, conniving and greedy jerk who would sell his granny if the price were right, but rather to the excellence and the skills he gleaned from the U.S. military. Imagine that . . . achieving victory honorably by applying disciplines and virtues learned while serving in our armed forces.

Perdew graduated from West Point as a Military Intelligence Officer. He later earned his Airborne Wings and Ranger Tab. He didn’t let the lessons learned in that phase of his life die when he moved into the civilian sector, but rather retooled his vocabulary, refocused his vision and took the principles and disciplines learned for the battlefield into the boardroom and made a pretty sweet transition from one realm to the next.

Listening to Perdew speak of the internal grist to which he attributes his success was like listening to something some despised-by-modern-culture grand pappy would say 80 years ago when giving his grandchildren the “keys to the kingdom.” According to Kelly, the duty, impeccability, passion, perseverance, planning, team work, loyalty, flexibility, selfless sacrifice and integrity with which he was saddled at West Point and beyond is what caused him to escape The Donald’s damnation.

Doug Giles

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