Doug Giles

• Having their land trashed like a hotel room after Motley Crew spent the weekend there.  [One Indian Reservation picks up trash to the tune of six tons a day.  Would you please stop that?  It’s rude, and it’s threatening the existence of a certain lizard and the Sonoran Pronghorn antelope.  Thanks.]
• Having their ranches’ fencing routinely cut and vandalized.
• Having to pick up your pill bottles, used needles and syringes.
• Having to find the half eaten remains of their pets left from one of your impromptu BBQ’s.
• Having their homes burglarized.
• Having their daughters raped.
• Having their vehicles stolen.
• Having their property value plummet.
• Having their sedate streets become unsafe requiring their children to be placed under lock and key after sunset.
• Having to pick up and discard Muslim prayer rugs and literature strafed about the place.  [BTW . . . when did so many Catholic Mexicans convert to Islam?  I didn’t get that brief.  Would you explain that to me?] 
• Having the arduous and unpleasant chore of scraping human feces off their front lawns in the morning.

Call us Americans fastidious, but we no likey the aforementioned; and the above is not causing us to take a shining to your desires to resettle here.

Let me help would-be Mexican immigrants understand exactly where we’re coming from.  Our nation’s leniency regarding immigration has been used as a night stick to whup our own butt.  Our nation’s compassionate openness, plus the corrupt incompetence of the former INS, plus our government’s greed for foreign capital equaled a rolled-out welcome mat for the 9/11 terrorists and other thieves and thugs who looked to use us while they attempted to destroy us.  So excuse us, por favor, if we don’t seem too giddy about receiving new guests into our home; we’re still cleaning up after the last ones who tried to destroy the place.

Look, if you want to come here and visit, work or possibly live in the US of A, you must understand that it is a privilege.  Be very clear on one fact: it is NOT a right.  We don’t have to do anything. 

In addition, we want people who dream the American dream [once again, in English], who crave what we crave and who will approach us respectfully, legally and . . . if you don’t mind terribly . . . pardon my redundancy, in English.  And get this straight: our demand for a more stringent border has nothing—nothing!—to do with xenophobia.  Rather, it is rooted in a love for our country.  We like it here.  We see it as a privilege and an honor to live here.  And we want to make sure that when letting others join us in this privilege and honor, we are rewarding the credible who have waited, not the criminal who has manipulated.  So, my advice is to immigrate correctly . . . do it right . . . and if you choose not to—don’t think it unkind if you get tossed on your head right back to where you came from. 

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Doug Giles

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