Doug Giles

My column last week, “The Arts, Farts and a Good Start,” got some hyper-religious people ticked off.  Ah, the simple pleasures in my life.  They couldn’t believe that I would encourage Christians to get involved in bad places like Hollywood, or the music industry or in D.C.  They stated that my encouragement of other believers into such putrid places was unbiblical. 

Well, kiss my grits. Excuse me for living. 

I could be wrong, but didn’t Jesus leave His God-blessed heaven to redeem this sin-cursed earth?  Didn’t He hang out with the worst of the worse?  And didn’t He go to their ubiquitous watering holes and come away having influenced them and not the other way around?  And didn’t He find some amazing apostles in places that most holier-than-thou’s would never have been seen?  Yes, Jedediah, I think he did.

Look, horribly confused Christian:  from what I’ve gathered from reading the scripture a few times, the believer has three options when he’s faced with an overtly wicked environment.  He can either:

1. Absorb the culture.
2. Separate from the culture.
3. Or infiltrate the culture.

Let’s check out the tres selececciones.


The Christian who absorbs the culture is the type that is always testing the wind of public opinion and, like a spiritual weather vane, he twists with the prevailing airflow.  This type of “believer” doesn’t really believe much; rather he allows his “convictions” to be crafted by what currently is en vogue. 

Such spineless, Christian-in-name-only followers of a Jesus of their own imagination can be counted on to not stand up and be counted when Christ’s commandments run contrary to culture.  The absorption crowd regularly blows off truth in favor of being liked.  You’ve seen these sad cases in society, I’m sure.  Believers who, trying way too hard to be relevant, hip and groovy Christians, end up doing the politically correct thing and thus, lose their contrary sting. 

They have no spine.  They have no conviction that they’ll live and die for.  Any attempt to get them to take an unpopular stand in society causes them to melt like Bill Clinton does in front of a chunky girl with D cups.  The absorption crew sees it as their business to take the bones out of the Christian fish symbol and make Jesus yummy, digestible and unobtrusive to the obstreperous. 

That’s the absorption crowd. 

Doug Giles

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